Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – RDS Device CAL

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  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 – 10, 20, 50 RDS Device CAL
  • Versions for 32 and 64 bit systems available
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  • Free support with installation and activation
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Access Licenses (CAL) are required for Windows Server 2019 Standard and Windows Server 2019 Datacenter. They are available in two different versions:

  • RDS User Client Access License
  • RDS Device Client Access License

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a centralized desktop and application platform for desktop delivery and management. This enables you to fully connect employees at remote locations. Access to the server requires appropriate access licenses associated with either a user or a device.

  • Server access with Remote Desktop per user
  • Allows a user to access a server via Remote Desktop
  • Access to the server from different devices
  • Access also to servers with older Windows operating systems
  • Ideal for companies whose remote employees need access to the desktop and programs

Differences between USER CAL and DEVICE CAL

The User Client Access License (User CAL) is designed to provide customers with an easy-to-manage and cost-effective way to allow user access to the server software from any device.

With the User CAL, you purchase a CAL for each user who accesses the server to use services such as file storage or printing, regardless of the number of devices used for that access. Purchasing a User CAL may make more sense if your company’s employees need roaming access to the corporate network using multiple devices or unknown devices, or if your organization simply has more devices than users.

With a Device CAL, you purchase a CAL for each device that accesses your server, regardless of the number of users using that device to access the server. Device CALs can make more economic and administrative sense if your company has employees who share devices, for example on different shifts.


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